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Tewei network science and technology Limited company

The Tewei network science and technology Limited company, the response type station construction marketing platform, the enterprise Internet SaaS service provider, take the SaaS cloud platform as a backing, take “the entire screen marketing + search marketing + public relations marketing + entire network electronic commerce” as the characteristic, helps the enterprise fast, to use HTML5 comprehensively and so on newest homepage development and the marketing technology, establishes, Yi Yong, the independent enterprise Internet marketing platform usefully. Enterprise Internet marketing platform covering establishment compatible each kind of network termination screen's HTML5 response type website, search engine marketing, public relations platform marketing, entire network electronic commerce and so on useful function, and with B2B platform marketing closed butt joint.

The Tewei team has 20 years to understand to the Internet marketing kernel depth that accumulated the deep Internet innovation operation experience, invests the many funds, spends several years, leant the strength to make the Tewei cloud marketing platform. The collar moves take initiates “the Internet + operation” the idea and “the Internet + brand marketing” the strategy as a driving influence, forms from the idea to the implementation income Internet marketing closed loop, enhances the marketing efficiency and the effect, the promotion management income. The valid help enterprise deals with upgrade reforming the innovation test, wins in “the Internet + brand marketing” on starting line.

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