4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Image

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4 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Image

One word may inspire different ideas in each person’s mind, but we can all agree on is that image has to do with public perception. First impression does matter, and customers won’t hesitate to move on if they can not find what they are looking for or do not like what they’ve found.

We can define image as the overall impression that your business projects to the public, whether subconscious or sensory, from which they will decide what they think of your business.

Project A Image You Want

Crafting your company image is a deliberate process. Some businesses get lucky and just naturally exude the perfect vibe, like those people who are just charismatic and cool without even trying.
The rest of us have to work at it, and deciding how you want to be viewed by the public is the first step. Do you want to come across as friendly and fun-loving? Sophisticated? Dependable? This is what you have to ask yourself, first, then build your image around this goal.


Website Appearance

Like it or not, your website may be the first impression a potential customer has with your organization. An effective image gives the public a clear picture of what you stand for and who you are. It’s a platform for someone to get to know you better. Use it like Madison Avenue retailers use their display windows. Your website should invite them to come in and learn more. Having a poorly designed or out-of-date, stagnant website will turn away potential customers fast.



Active Social Media Presence

Make sure that all of your marketing, advertising, and even the way your team interfaces with the public contributes to the unified image that you want to project.  This is more than just throwing up a Facebook or LinkedIn page or sending out self-promoting Tweets on occasion. Social media allows for targeted groups and interaction. Someone inside your company should be populating any social media presence regularly.



Treat Customers According To Your Desired Image

Someone inside your company should be populating any social media presence regularly. They should be responding and interacting with the community. And consistency is key, the customer experience should reflect the overall image that you’re shooting for.



An image is almost like a fantasy or ideal package in the minds of the public. Start with figuring out how you want to be known and perceived by people, and try and match that with the idea in people’s minds of what that should look like, then company can gradually achieve the ideal excellent image. 

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