We Make Your Business Matter

Integrated tailor-made strategic plan with years of digital marketing  application and marketing experience,
we provides digital thinking to help you reach your target. 

Serivces We Offer

Website Design

 Establish a digital hub for your strategic marketing campaigns

Based on SaaS technology and localized website server hosts, makes it more accessible to your more audiences 

Ensure your website meets the needs of internet user experience


Improve brand awareness and recognition for your company

 Help brands to achieve exposure and improve the visibility

Create online advertising campains while maintaining brand integrity across your entire
marketing portfolio

Social Media & Community Management

Build the trust and the relationship with your localized followers/customers

Customized social marketing strategy to increase awareness, get engagement and gain

Word of mouth marketing: spread the word about your business


 Gain rapid exposure and get found by your target audience

 Get immediate traffic, enquiries or drive sales increase via paid channel

Get immediate traffic, enquiries or drive sales increase via paid channel
• Increase the organic search traffic, webpages index of your website

Targeted Online Markeiting

Analyze and select the right platforms to promote for your target audience

Choose the effective and creative rich media ads to attract target audience

The key technology Audience Targeting by cookies makes the campaign efficient
 A great solution for special online campaigns, such new product launch, promotion etc

Performance Solution Performance

Make a plan that includes integrationi with content, insight and analytics

Provides a complete target and planning analysis on each campain, with measures and
 consults, weekly to monthly

Share monthly reports with you for delineate progress and improvement suggestion

Hefo Web
Hefo Web Makes Your Business Matter
Hefo is dedicated to deliver strategic digital marketing solution in different fields, bases on years of SaaS service,  Search Engine Algorithm and Social Media Analysis. We aims to provide smart thinking and strategies to create  growth for your international business in China, at the meantime, maintain brand integrity across the entire  marketing portfolio.

Results and performance driven corporate culture makes us to focus on maximazing marketing efficiency, assist you  to enhance current business and create new revenue opportunies. 


What kind of website we design
  • 1
    Website design         
    • Aesthetically pleasing website design according to cultural orientation
    • Local expression on website content    
    • Local SSL acceleration Server         
      Assist on other local business service    
  • 2
    ​E-business Building
    • Primary payment options        
    • 24 hours on-time order reminder and local order management
    • Logistics & warehouse service

  • 3

    Marketing Service
    •  SEO/SEM
    •  SNS and Community Management
    • FB, Ins, YT, TW, TikTok, Xiaohongshu, Sina Weibo, WeChat
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